Garage Door Seals by Weather Stop

We’re Weather Stop and we design our own range of innovative garage door weather seal products for garages and commercial doors!

Sweep rain and debris out of your garage no longer with one of our quality thermoplastic or aluminium seals, suitable for all sizes of gap under, and around, your garage door!

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Explore the range

Please explore the interactive garage door image below - clicking on the hotspots will allow you to the reveal the purpose of each of our garage door products.   Please see the key  below which indicates each of the problems and the Weather Stop solutions! (E.g. Our threshold will prevent rainwater, leaves and debris from being blown under the garage door). CLICK & TRY!

Top rated products
Stops rodents
Stops heat entering
Stops rainwater
Stops draughts
Stops leaves
Stops heat escaping
Up & over garage door
Commercial roller shutter door
Top Seal Insulation Roller shutter seal Floor threshold seal Side seal Commercial floor threshold