Weather Stop Wrap-Around Roller Shutter Seal Fitting Instructions


The Wrap-Around Roller Shutter Seal fits all standard 75mm bottom T-bar sections found on commercial roller shutters. It is quick and easy to fit and requires no fixings/adhesive. Note: Due to coiling in storage and transit, a 'ripple' effect may be present along the bottom of the seal. Please allow a few days with product in situ to return to its original extruded shape or submerge in warm water prior to fitting.

Tools Required

  • Tape measure
  • Pencil or marker pen
  • Hacksaw or sharp scissors

Step 1

Fitting Step One
With a tape measure, measure the bottom of the roller doors.

Step 2

Fitting Step Two
Mark with a pencil the exact length of thermoplastic seal that needs to be cut in order to fit the opening. Use scissors to cut the door seal to size.

Step 3

Fitting Step Three

With the garage door half open and working from one end, press and clip on one side of the flap. Repeat this process along the length of the seal. 
(USEFUL TIP Another person holding the other end of the seal will make the task much easier!)

Working from one end pull the other flap back and pull it over the T-bar bottom sections on the roller door. Repeat this process all the way along until the seal is fully connected on the T-bar. Close the Roller Shutter and make sure the door shuts and is locking correctly.