Weather Stop Garage Door Top Seal Fitting Instructions

Tools Required

  • Tape measure
  • Hacksaw
  • Scissors
  • Pencil or marker pen
  • Drill

Note: Product is only suitable for use on manual or automatic up-and-over garage doors.

Step 1

Fitting Step One
Open the garage door and measure the overall width of the opening. Make a mark with a pencil on the Weather Stop Top Seal where the seal needs to be cut to fit the opening.

Step 2

Fitting Step Two
Using scissors first cut the rubber part of the seal then with a hacksaw cut the plastic part of the seal to size.

Step 3

With the garage door shut and in the locked position, hold the Weather Stop Top Seal in place making sure there is a tight seal. Then mark with a pencil the under head of the frame where the Top Seal will fit.

Step 4

Fitting Step Four
With a pencil make a mark approximately every 300mm. Using a 6mm drill bit, drill holes through the top seal where you have made  marks on the top seal.   Make sure you remove any excess plastic to make a clean hole.

(By creating a drilled hole that is slightly bigger than the screw; this allows room for the plastic top seal to expand in the summer months and contract in the cold winters)

Step 5

Fitting Step Five

With the garage door half open, position the Top Seal where you have marked the frame. Then put the washer over the screw and then put screw through the hole in the top seal and then fix the screw into the head of the frame.  Continue this process until the top seal is secured tightly. 

(TIP  When fixing the top seal, another person holding the other end of the seal while you tighten the screws, will make the task easier)

Close the garage door and make sure the door shuts and is locking correctly.