Your guide to the Weather Stop DIY Garage Door Insulation Kit

When it comes to the temperature of your garage, it often feels like you just can’t win. It’s either too hot in the summer, or practically arctic during the winter. 

So, what’s the solution? The Weather Stop DIY Garage Door Insulation Kit we say! 

Benefits of our DIY Garage Door Insulation

Here’s why this handy kit is such a popular choice with Weather Stop customers: 

  • A cost-effective way to insulate the space
  • Helps reduce energy costs with a 78% reduction in heat loss through the garage door
  • Multi-purpose: prevents heat escaping in the winter and keeps the garage cool in the summer
  • Easy to install without the need for specialist help or contractors. 
  • Can be up and running within an hour

How to install your Weather Stop Garage Door Insulation Kit

With our easy-to-follow instructions, installing your garage door insulation couldn’t be more simple:

  1. Using a brush, remove all dust and dirt from the back of the garage door
  2. Wipe the back of the door clean with a cloth
  3. Starting from the right side of the garage door, measure 714mm from the bottom and mark with a pen on the door/edge or bracing
  4. Repeat this process in the centre of the door and on the left hand side  
  5. Place the double-sided adhesive pads in the centre of the markings
  6. Distribute the sticky pads evenly (use approx. 15 pads) across the bottom third of the garage door
  7. Press down firmly on all sticky pads to ensure a strong adhesive bond 
  8. Measure the width of the garage door with a tape measure and take note of the measurement
  9. Roll out the insulation material and using scissors, cut it to the width of the door
  10. Remove the backing paper from all sticky pads and moving from one side to another, secure the insulation material in place, ensuring it remains taught throughout
  11. Repeat steps 3, 4 and 5 for the remaining two-thirds of the garage door with more insulation material and the remaining sticky pads
  12. For garage doors with protruding latches, simply cut out the required shape from the material
  13. To finish, apply aluminium foil tape along the two joins of the insulation material sheets
  14. Apply aluminium tape along the side and top edges of the door. Overhang half of the tape and then wrap it over the edge of the door to create an effective seal
  15. Apply extra tape around any latches for a tight seal and neat finish

What are our customers saying about the kit?

Think we’re just blowing our own trumpets when we say the DIY Garage Door Insulation Kit is the bee’s knees? 

Don’t just take our word for it: 

“Quality insulation that is easy to install. I have had it fitted for a week now and I can already tell the difference inside my garage. I would highly recommend this product.”

“The kit comes with ample sticky pads and tape, notice how much warmer the garage feels already too, as I have an internal garage it was money well spent.”

“Fitted this to my double garage door in about 30 minutes all in it is light and very effective at stopping the excessive temperature changes that direct sunlight brings on a steel door.” 

Find all of these reviews (and more) over on our Trustpilot page

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