15mm Commercial Threshold Fitting Instructions

FITTING INSTRUCTIONS: 15mm Commercial Threshold

Suitable to fit with a manual or automatic commercial roller, sectional doors and up & over, roller, side-hinged and sectional domestic garage doors. 

For best results the surface should be smooth and flat and devoid of bumps or troughs. Remedial action should be undertaken to rectify uneven surfaces prior to fitting the Threshold Seal. Always unpack your box and check the contents against the list above before commencing installation.

Choosing an Installation Position 

(Position A) The Threshold Seal may be fitted to the floor directly beneath the door so that the door closes on the top of the Threshold Seal. 

(Position B) The Threshold Seal may be fitted to the floor immediately behind the door. If alarm contacts are in place, consider these when deciding final placement. 

Please note - Up and over domestic garage doors should fit the Threshold Seal behind the door (Position B).

Please be aware at this stage of any alarm contacts that may be present on the shutter. The threshold can be cut or notched to fit around alarm contacts if needed. The threshold can also be cut in different shapes to fit the door frame in a variety of manners. See pictures C, D, E & F for examples.

Step One
Measure the width of the opening. 

Step Two
Insert the joining bar into the end of one length of the threshold and lock firmly in place with a grub screw.

Step Three
Slide another section of threshold over the joining bar making sure that there is no gap between the lengths. Tighten in place with a grub screw. Repeat for all remaining lengths. Leave the last length unattached at this stage. 

Step Four
Carefully mark the area on the last length to be cut to fit around your door frame. Wearing safety gloves and goggles, cut to length/shape using a hacksaw or an electric saw.

Step Five
Attach the final length and lay the entire threshold across the entrance to ensure a good fit.

Step Six
Slide the continuous bottom seals into the underside of the threshold on either side.

Step Seven
Lay the threshold back across the opening and using a marker pen, mark where to drill the holes.

Step Eight
Remove the threshold, then using a 6mm drill bit, drill the holes for the screws. Be sure to wear safety gloves and goggles. When finished be sure to clean the entrance to remove debris. Optional—fill any troughs/cracks or undulations in the floor with clear sealant to ensure a watertight seal. 

Step Nine
Replace the threshold, place the screws in their respective holes and hand tighten slightly. Ensure that all the screws fit snugly. 

Step Ten
Apply pressure to the threshold with your foot. Then, using an electric screwdriver, tighten the screws into place making sure they are flush but not overtightened.

Apply clear sealant around the frame to form an additional watertight seal. 

If water enters under the threshold, lift the threshold and apply a layer of clear sealant along the bottom inserts and in a zig-zag line under the threshold, then refit.

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