Weather Stop Commercial Threshold Seal (25mm) Fitting Instructions


For best results the surface should be smooth and flat and devoid of bumps or troughs. Remedial action should be undertaken to rectify uneven surfaces prior to fitting the Threshold Seal.

Tools Required

  • Tape measure
  • Hacksaw
  • Pencil or marker pen
  • Drill
  • 6mm masonry drill bit
  • Electric screwdriver

Step 1

Fitting Step One

(Position A) The Threshold Seal may be fitted to the floor directly beneath the door so that the door closes on the top of the Threshold Seal.

(Position B) The Threshold Seal may be fitted to the floor immediately behind the door if a side ground alarm system is in place.

Please note - Up and over domestic garage doors should fit the Threshold Seal behind the door (Position B)

Step 2

Fitting Step Two
Measure the width of the opening.

Step 3

Fitting Step Three
Cut the aluminum sections(s) and the two bottom rubber seals to the size of the aperture.

Step 4

Fitting Step Four

(Position A) Position the Threshold Seal in line with the centre of the door so the door will close on the black and yellow cap that runs along the centre of the aluminum section(s). 

Then pull out the black and yellow rubber inset. 
With a pencil, make a mark where the pre-drilled holes are.
(Position B) Position the Threshold Seal so it is tight up against the back of the door. Then pull out the black and yellow centre cap.  

With a pencil make a mark where the holes are.  

Please note If the door has an alarm fitted to the door please check the alarm connections are in place before fixing the threshold to the floor.

Step 5

Fitting Step Five
Remove the Threshold Seal and using a 6mm masonry drill bit, drill holes in to the floor where you have marked the ground. (Drill holes are spaced approximately every 200mm and 50mm from each end). 

Step 6

Fitting Step Six
Re-position the Threshold Seal so that the pre-drilled holes in the aluminum seal coincide with the holes drilled in the concrete floor.  Starting from one end, place each fixing screw into a hole. There is no need to use plugs as the fixings have a cut thread design that enables them to be drilled into concrete.

Step 7

Fitting Step Seven
Using an electric screwdriver with the screwdriver bit T30, tighten the fixing until the screw is approximately 5 mm from going all the way in.

Step 8

Fitting Step Eight
Apply pressure on the Threshold Seal by standing on it. This will compress the two side seals. Then tighten the fixing fully. 

Please note do not over tighten the screws.

Continue this process until the threshold is secured to the ground.

Step 9

Fitting Step Nine
Clean out the channel with a clean cloth to remove excess dirt.  Starting from one end of the threshold, pinch the legs of the rubber black and yellow inset and push it in to the top of the threshold  until it ‘snaps into place’.  Continue this process with the remainder of the threshold, taking care to ensure that it is firmly pushed down.